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July 8, 2015

Treetop Adventure Park at Nashville shores, is an aerial adventure course where you will navigate close to 100 different challenging obstacles including suspended bridges, ladders, cargo nets, tarzan jumps, 10 zip lines, and many thrilling elements.  The Adventure Park features two giant zip lines over 600 feet long.

Located on several acres of the Nashville Shores property.  There is a demonstration course that is used for orientation and training.  It has five different rope courses with a series of zip lines.  This will help prepare you for the harder courses.

Treetop Adventure Park Adult_Course

Treetop Adventure Park has different degree of difficulty and height increases from course to the next.  No matter what skill level, there is a course for you.  The highest point is close to 50 feet above the ground.  Bridges, swings, zips and other elements take you to the next platform or course. These elevated courses involve a series of climbing and balance challenges for participants who are safely secured at all times by harnesses and closely supervised by trained guides.

This exciting outdoor activity is designed to accommodate people of all ages and fitness levels.  People go for all reasons, from family bonding, team building, or physical fitness it helps develop abilities such as balance, self-empowerment and confidence.

The course has been designed through the forest without using the trees.  It was designed to blend into its natural settings with minimum negative impacts to the forest.  The platforms, element and cables on the course was custom cut & built to preserve the natural beauty.

Treetop Adventure Park also features a custom built cedar log playground with bridges, climbing walls, slides and other exciting features specifically designed for small children so that the entire family can come and enjoy the park together.


Treetop Adventure Park at Nashville Shores
4001 Bell Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37076

Phone: 615-889-7050
Fax: 615-885-3248

Hours: Seasonal Hours from March through November


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