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Juice and Smoothie Bars For A Pick-Me-Up

February 19, 2016


Juice and Smoothies

Is juice the new coffee? You might think so, given the amount of newfangled juice bars and smoothie shops popping up around Mount Juliet. 

Smoothies and Juice Bars are the perfect destination for healthy meals on the move. Some specialize in nutrition supplements, protein additives or squeezing juice from vegetables.  Whatever the time of day or meal, these are places to try for fresh and delicious smoothies or juice. 

Even if you’re a lifelong health nut, it can sometimes seem like a never-ending struggle to get your fruits and veggies. Visit one of these Mount Juliet spots and be in and out, with your healthy snack in hand.  Five servings a day?  Done!


Juice Bar

The Story: Vegetarian, gluten-free, organic when possible, and they always use 100% whole fruits and vegetables. In season they purchase directly from local farms whenever possible.

2726 N Mt Juliet Rd.



The Story: With an entire selection of real whole fruit and fresh-squeezed juices makes their smoothies. They can also create your own custom fruit and veggie juice combo.  The shaved ice is a great refreshing treat.

11976 Lebanon Rd –  (615) 715-7092


Smoothie King

The Story: From slim blends, wellness blends, fitness blends or just take a break blend you’ll find that smoothie to fit your day. You can add an enhancer to any smoothie, and get the protein and fiber you need.

1283 N Mt Juliet Rd  –  (615) 754-5034

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